A blur Life



Today i am 24 y.o, there is this picture taken by my dear friend, perfectly capture how i see my future.

Hasil fotonya blur tapi saya masih bisa melihat dengan jelas apa yang saya lakukan saat foto itu ter-capture. Fotonya menggambarkan saya sedang minum segelas teh ocha (saya masih ingat moment itu), sushi di depan saya dan beberapa pelayan yang tanpa sengaja ikut terfoto di belakang saya. The vibe in this photo i love it, i felt chill/santai, like i got this. Despite everything life throws me i enjoyed the result how i survive.

Idk kalau ini masuk kategori a good or a bad things, I know what i am going to do for the next couple of years (maybe 3 years max) but idk why Ainun exist in this world, what the reason of it?? This picture remind me too that i had a “time limited” even tho i know what i am going to do in this moment, it’s still a plan (the blur in this photo makes me realize it), God the one who know am i still exist to achieve all of it.


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